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Charity, Construction, Grant, Ontario

$75,000 grant for three shingled roof replacements  - client ended up paying zero.

$135,000 Commercial Kitchen and Galley upgrade- client ended up paying $60,000.

$350,000 in Energy Conservation retro?ts and equipment upgrades - client ended up paying $12,000.  Expected payback was less than two years in operational savings.

$940,000 Fre Code upgrade and addition - client paid $22,000 and had more room for meetings and clients.

Eighteen custom washrooms (complete rebuilds) in historically listed residential facility - client paid $14,000 total. Washrooms expected to last over 25 years even though they are in an abuse-prone institution.

Six million dollar school addition - property owner paid $120,000 with an extremely short payback period.

$32,000 per year long-term sub-lessee recruit - Main Lessee paid $6,000.  The new tenant's business complimented the mission of the main Lessee.

Eight students recruited and managed in a government funded work program.  Building owners paid approximately 20% of the value of this clerical and maintenance labour.

$600,000 in renovations at an historically listed residential facility - client paid $40,000.

$20,000 Living Room makeover - client paid $1,800.

Five million dollar revenue generating master plan - property owner paid $8,000 for the plan and will need to pay approximately $450,000 total to generate that revenue.

Office and Meeting space lease for academic institution in $350,000 facility - client pays 1$ per year for long-term lease.

Examples of What Charities Actually Paid