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The Process:

Thank you for your interest in our company. We welcome all inquiries, but, in general, the process goes like this:

You contact us via an email or phone call. An initial meeting is set up at your facility and we review its current condition and your vision for it.  This discussion will focus on your property needs but a great deal of the conversation will just be about what your charity does and hopes to accomplish.  After this initial meeting, LSI will write up a proposal letter unique to your situation. There is no charge for any of this.

If the proposal letter is accepted, then the work begins to transition your charity from "Active" to "Ready". It is only in the "Ready" stage that LSI can continually help with grant applications and begin the process of finding funds and managing renovations to improve your facilities.  Grant deadlines are very busy times for Longview personnel and every client charity has to be in the "Ready" stage before this process can begin.  There simply isn't time during the month prior to grant deadlines to gather the information or visit sites.  

The proposal letter is unique to every client because every client has a different starting point and vision and their facilities are in various stages of need.  Transitioning charities from the "Active" to the "Ready" category always involves Longview getting to know your charity and your vision. Sometimes we recommend engaging outside consultants (e.g., architects, engineers and code consultants) to create reports or concept drawings (e.g., for barrier-free changes to your facility) necessary for compelling grant applications.  All of this information will be listed in the proposal letter, and just to repeat, there is no obligation or cost to the charity for anything unless that proposal letter is accepted. We have designed it so that you have nothing to lose in this process and you can take as much time as you need --- Longview is committed to the long-term health and growth of your cause.

LSI will coordinate everything upon approval so that we are ready to work with you to renovate your facility as funds become available. Of course we can help with any pressing property problems at any time.