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We strive to be your single source for solving building problems and improving your facilities. Not-for-Profits have enough to worry about so let us help you take care of your property.

If the proposal letter is accepted, Longview begins the required work to transition the charity into the "Grant Ready" stage and also works with the charity on the first grant application. 

Here are some of the services we offer which are standalone but are also typically part of the above process:

Our goal is come alongside a charity, understand who they are and where they want to go. Then we craft a plan with them for their facility which will facilitate their mission.  We also create a plan to find the money to make it happen.  This is often a very exciting and encouraging time for the charity.


It all begins with an initial visit (which is always at no charge).  We meet with one or two organizational leaders and do a quick tour of the facilities.  Then, we write a proposal letter ​detailing what we recommend in order to bring that charity into the "Grant Ready" stage.  

Every situation is different but typically we will need CAD drawings of their facility and any studies which might be helpful (e.g., a barrier-free modifications plan to comply with recent requirements). Once these items are done (and Longview can arrange or conduct them) then the charity is in the "Grant Ready" phase - meaning Longview can write grant proposals without a significant amount of on-site work.

We're Here To Help With Your Charity's Construction & Property Project

  • Facility Reviews (Building, Fire, Hazardous Materials Surveys, Health and Safety)
  • Master and Site Development Plans
  • Owner Representative Services for Maintenance and Construction
  • Construction Coordination and Project Management Services
  • Grant Writing and Fund Development (specific to facilities)
  • LEED and BOMA Green Building Certifications
  • Facility Condition Assessment Reports
  • Energy Audits, Reviews and Reduction Plans