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Our Guarantee:

For qualifying charities, Longview guarantees to double all funds which are required to bring a charity into "Grant Ready" status.  

For example, if a charity hires Longview to review their facility, create CADD drawings for the property, hire an architect to create concept plans to improve building access (perhaps a front ramp and to renovate an interior washroom), Longview guarantees to continue to write grant requests for that charity until the initial costs are returned and doubled.  The initial cost to create a complete and compelling grant application may be six thousand dollars.  Longview will guarantee to bring in at least twelve thousand dollars to that charity but, in actual fact, a multiple of seven or eight is the norm.

Because our grant requests focus on building requirements (e.g., fire code, accessibility regulations, health and safety issues) we have an extremely high success rate in helping client charities receive funds and that is why we can make the above guarantee.  And as we become more and more familiar with your property, the less time and expense is necessary to write grant requests.  We are very confident that we will make a difference for your facility and charity, and if you take the long view, the difference will be substantial.