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Longview Services specializes in analyzing properties, listing their deficiencies (in terms of fire, building or Health and Safety violations, etc.) and communicating those needs to funders who want to help. Our involvement also provides needed assurances to the granting bodies that the planned upgrades will be done correctly, according to code and with a very high standard of quality.  We know how to write compelling grant requests and the millions we have raised for Ontario charities from a variety of sources is the proof.  

It has been our experience that there are significant funds available to do work but most small and medium sized charities don't know how to open the tap, so to speak. This is unfortunate since the charities are uniquely situated to use outside funds to improve the value of the physical assets.  The one charity which Longview has worked with the longest has seen a nine million dollar increase to the value of their properties, with the vast majority of the increase not coming from internal funds.  

We have successfully helped charities obtain funds from the following sources:

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