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There’s no time to lose. With an OTF grant application deadline of October 2017, you can’t afford to wait.  Additional grant deadlines are also on the horizon. 

A Special Invite for Addiction Treatment Centres 

At Longview Services Inc. (LSI), we want to help your organization be poised and ready to receive these additional funds.  LSI has already raised millions of dollars and completed over a hundred construction projects for the Ontario addiction sector alone.  We're available to help your organization too!

We are offering a special deal for a limited time.  We will come and visit your organization, listen to your needs, review your facility and work with you to create a comprehensive renovation plan. We will then seek out and help you apply for your first grant.  Once in our system, it is easy to apply for future grants on an ongoing basis.  

LSI, for this special deal, will waive all costs for the work unless and until you receive your first grant. There is NO RISK for your organization. This means your charity will be one step closer to being awarded the fundraising dollars it needs to make major facility improvements, while providing you with the guidance to create the strongest grant application possible. 

When it comes to translating your needs into winning grant applications, we’re the experts, so let us help. 

Contact us today to book your NO RISK Facility Review and expertly crafted grant application. 


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"Almost ONE BILLION dollars in additional taxes will be collected by the Federal Government every year and this is earmarked for law enforcement and addiction treatment."