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As a Project Management Professional (PMP), Bob is well equipped to help charities transition from seeing their facilities as burdens, always needing repair and money, to a vitally important component of their services (… and ones which bring in revenue and improve over time).

Longview Services Inc. helps client charities RAISE money, RENOVATE their facilities and REDUCE their energy use with minimal effort and cost.   
We are here to help all Ontario Charities with their property and project needs.  You will enjoy working with us and the team of architects, engineers, code consultants and others we bring in to move your organization forward.

Bob Walker, the founder of Longview Services Inc., started the company in 2003.  With over eighteen years of experience in the charity sector as an employee and leader he is well versed in the challenges and needs of these great service organizations.  He has also volunteered extensively and been on various charity boards.

His motivation to start the company began when he realized that small and medium sized charities simply didn’t have the resources to hire property and project management professionals.  Many of them owned or leased impressive facilities but only had cleaners to maintain them - not people skilled in improving the space over time.

Many small and medium sized charities didn’t have grant writing professionals either; and even if they did, they often didn’t know anything about buildings or how to raise substantial funds to renew them.

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