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"I have worked with Mr. Walker, Owner of Longview Services Inc. before and I would highly recommend that every good cause in Ontario explore possibilities with him.  You will be delighted with what he brings to the table and what his company can do for your property. I personally witnessed millions of dollars in improvements and the vast majority of those funds came from sources outside the charity."

- Cathy Barrick, Chief Executive Officer, Alzheimer Society of Toronto

“As a former manager of a residence for university students, I worked with Bob Walker to manage and improve the facility.  We also redesigned the layout; greatly improved the amount of revenue the site could generate and presented it to the leaders of the organization.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bob or Longview Services Inc. to any organization who owns or leases property. Bob's visionary leadership always exceeded our expectations.”

-Alex MacLeod, Senior Minister, Kortright Presbyterian Church, Guelph, Ontario.

Grant Writing Services

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We help you create a plan for your property

We work with you to craft a way to source the funds over time, including private and government grants. 

We manage the entire process so you end up with beautiful and environmentally friendly space

We meet with you, listen to your organizational and property plans and review the site

Construction Management

Master Facility Plan Creation

Government Grants 
​Sourcing Plan

visioning & facility review

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We Seek Out and Assist You in Securing Government and Private Grants

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​There Are Significant Funds Available...But Most Small And Medium Sized Charities Don't Know How To Access These Opportunities. ​​

We have successfully helped charities obtain funds from Natural Resources Canada, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Ontario Trillium Foundation and more. 

Our Guarantee 

For qualifying charities, Longview guarantees to double all funds which are required to bring a charity into "Grant Ready" status.